Vector Fury


Vector Fury is one of those 80s over-the-top, over-saturated, action sci-fi movies (if you’re over 20, you may have even watched them on VHS). Like those flicks it’s simple in its scope. It’s not trying to be something it’s not. Just pure fun and adrenaline fuelled by some synthwave tunes and kickass visuals. It literally has no story or depth, making you play just for the sake of playing.

Just ride through the cyberverse and dodge neon blocks. That’s it. If you’re expecting something else, well then go play [REDACTED], you little [REDACTED]. Maybe you need more lives for your [REDACTED] candy. Maybe go play that [REDACTED].

Come on, it’s getting rave reviews! It’s a hit. Please!


In any case, grab it on the AppStore. It’s literally cheaper than a cheeseburger. Fo’ shizzle.